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Can I use Sprint Phones on Verizon Wireless?

There are some cool phones from Sprint that I like, but they are not available with Verizon. So can I use Sprint phone on Verizon? I mean buy the phone from Sprint then switch over to Verizon Wireless. No, not now. Even though Verizon and Sprint are both using the same type of wireless technology [...]

What Phones Do Moms Like the Best?

It’s almost Mother’s Day again. What phones do moms like? Well, depending on what they use them for and what other family members are using (we call this family pressure).
Most of working moms like smartphone these days. They will love to have access to email and instant messaging. Full qwerty keyboard is not always neccessary [...]

What is Sprint Family Locator?

Do you know where your children are? Well, you can stop worrying when you have family locator service from Sprint. But what exactly is Sprint family locator? It’s a personal GPS, is it some kind of spying device or service? It is a convenient, reliable and secure way to find family members instantly from [...]

When Will Verizon Wireless have iPhone

Like many of you, I was hoping 2009 will the year Verizon Wireless finally get their hands on the new iphone. But the wait continues on as AT&T already intend to keep the exclusivity until 2011, two more years than many originally thought. When will Verizon Wireless get the iphone?

How to get better T-Mobile reception

Have you ever experienced dropped calls during a cell phone conversation? I bet many of will answer yes. Is there a way to get better T-Mobile reception? Of course. If your carrier is Tmobile, you have a few options to improve call quality.

Verizon Wireless Offers Free Laptops

Verizon Wireless is offering free laptops with a new $60 wireless broadband plan. Well it’s not a full-fledged laptop you expect to replace your regular PC or laptop at home. What Verizon will offer is a small and light weight laptop called netbook. These netbooks run on either Linux or Windows xp. The one Veriozn [...]

Do Sprint Plans Save More Money Than Verizon

I have seen Sprint’s commercials numerous times on tv promoting that a typical Sprint cell phone plan can save you $240 a month over a similar one from verizon wireless. Is that true? Is it just a one time incentive to lure me to sign up a new plan with Sprint?

What to expect from 2009 new iphone

There has been a lot of expectations to the upcoming 2009 new iPhone from Apple in June. A faster processor, faster wireless network support, bigger screen, wireless N wifi, digital camera of higher resolution, and we want it to support video capturing too.

Why Do You Like Sprint?

Sprint is the first network to offer 4G, yup, a much faster network than the current 3G EVDO Rev. A – that’s one of the many reasons that I like Sprint.

Why Do You Like T-Mobile

Come on, if you like Google phone, T-Mobile is the only carrier that have the G1 phone. Not only that, there are many exclusive phones that are only available on TMobile such as the famous Sidekick.