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How Much Should an Affordable Phone be?

Like many of you, I am always looking for an affordable cell phone for personal use. But how much should an affordable phone be, with a service contract? $100, $50, or $0? Does an affordable phone have to be plain and with little advanced features found in smartphones? A new cell phone that you paid [...]

Two Steps to Save Money On Cell Phone Bills

Every single penny counts when it comes to saving money. You will realize how much money you can save on cell phone bills if you do some of the following two steps:

Is Sprint SERO Plan Still Available?

What really cheap plan for unlimited data and text messages? There used to be the SERO plan from Sprint that lets you have everything for only $29.99, which gives you 500 anytime minutes and unlimited web, GPS, Sprint TV, emails, and text messaging. But is Sprint SERO plan still available? If so, how do I [...]

Will Verizon Create an iPhone Killer with Microsoft

We have been wondering when Verizon will get the iPhone. But I am guessing Microsoft can’t wait any longer. They have been talking with Verizon Wireless to create a Zune like phone to compete with the popular new iPhone from Apple. I have no doubt they have been working on something ever since the iPhone [...]