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Why did You Upgrade to iPhone 3G S from old iPhone

If you are like me, who has been holding on to the first generation iPhone for almost 3 years, you should be upgrading to the new iPhone 3G S. There are many reasons why you should do that, one of them is you need a faster processor and network to keep up with the ever [...]

How to get Unlimited Texting for Verizon Wireless

Unlimited texting for Verizon Wireless starts at just $10. But there is a catch, unlimited messages apply to those receive from or sent to any Verizon cell phones. Given the fact that Verizon has over 80 million customers, chances are you will be texting free to those have Verizon service. That’s going to leave [...]

iPhone 3GS

what’s new on the iPhone 3GS? What I absolutely love is the faster speed. Whether it’s running applications or browsing the web, the new iPhone 3GS simply out run any other smartphone on the market today. No more love for Blackberry, or even the new Palm Pre. I think people would have stopped buying the [...]