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Unlimited Text Messaging is the Best Back to School Gift

Have you enjoyed the summer so far? Take a long weekend break, or vacation. You still have a few weeks left before school starts and have to think about what kind of back to school gifts for your kids. This time of the year you can find tons of bargains in electronics and gadgets, but [...]

Why do People like Touch Screen Phones

I wasn’t a big fan of touch screen cell phones until the introduction of the iPhone from Apple. I didn’t understand why people would put the screen on their face when talking and leave all the grease on the screen. Well, even you don’t put the screen close to the face, you the screen can [...]

Is it Worth Upgrade from BlackBerry Curve to BlackBerry Tour 9630

Well, many of you might have been using the Blackberry Curve for a while now and wanted to upgrade to the new Blackberry Tour. Or you have been very jealous of AT&T’s Blackberry Bold users and just want to get even. Either case, is it worth to upgrade to Blackberry Tour 9630? If all you [...]