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Are Touch Screen Phones Easy to Use

Touchscreen phones are typically bigger and weigh than regular flip phones. Are they easy to use? Should you switch from flip phone or candy bar phone to touch screen phones? Many people find touch screen easy to read and difficult to navigate without dedicated buttons. All functions and features need to be accessed via touch [...]

How Many Minutes are Enough for Teenagers

Open you phone bill and there shouldn’t be any surprise that the majority of the monthly plan minutes have been consumed by you teenage kids. Worried about over usage and getting charged by the service provider for minutes over the plan, how many minutes are enough for them each month? First thing first, talk to [...]

Is Pay as You Go Better Than Contract

If you don’t want to be locked up with the same wireless carrier for 12 or 24 months you can choose pay as you go option. Is Pay as you go better than contract plan?The biggest advantage of pay as you go phones are there won’t be any suuprises. You pay the minutes in advance [...]

How to get Better Cell Phone Reception Inside the House

Like many of you, instead of using landline, I use my cell phone most of the time inside the house. Sometime, it’s just because of convenience. People tend to know your mobile phone number and most likely to call your cell phone number. But when it comes to call quality you just can’t beat the [...]

How to Save Money by Using Same Wireless Carrier

We already show you steps to save money on cell phone bills. Now let’s get into more details on how to save money by using the same wireless carrier. If you already have an individual plan, that’s ok. Do you know that carrier offer free in-network calls to anyone? Yes, as long as the caller [...]

Cell Phone Plans for College Students

We already mentioned text messaging is an essential part for teenagers these days. So, what are some good cell phone plans for college students? Many parents might think that they need a lot of minutes so that you can call home everyday. Sorry to disappoint, they will find every excuse to not make calls that [...]