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Is AT&T to AT&T Texting Free?

Calling any AT&T users from another AT&T mobile phone is always free regardless of when you do it. So, is AT&T to AT&T texting free? Unfortunately no, unless you opt for the $20 unlimited text messaging plan – that way not only texting to AT&T phones are free, any text to other mobile phones are [...]

Is AT&T Navigator Worth It?

Do you travel a lot and never want to bother to look up places on the map? That’s understandable. Who wants to carry a map with them every time they travel? Luckily, you’ve got the AT&T navigator on your cell phone. It cost $9.99 each month. So, is AT&T Navigator worth it? If you are [...]

Cheapest Android Phone Plans

It really doesn’t matter which carrier you are planning to sign up with. Your new Android phone requires a data plan. It’s for your own benefits. A smartphone is only smart when you can take advantage of the fast and unlimited data usage. The cheapest Android phone plans can be found in Sprint’s current offer. [...]

Is Palm Pixi Better Than BlackBerry Curve

Both Palm Pixi and BlackBerry Curve are currently offered by Sprint at $99 and $49 respectively. So, is Palm Pixi better than BlackBerry Curve? Given the fact that the Pixi was recently released and the Curve has been out for a while already, there is no doubt that Palm Pixi use more up to date [...]