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What’s Considered a Cheap Text Messaging Plan?

When it comes to choosing text messaging plans, we can’t help but to think cheap. After all, saving money is the number 1 priority for most people. You don’t want to overpay for service that you don’t use often. So, what’s considered a cheap text messaging plan? Does low monthly fee always mean you are [...]

How often do you check Emails on you phone while on vacation?

This is the last weekend in August and many people and packing and getting ready take a vacation and enjoy the last bit of summer. Every time I went on vacation I always bring my Blackberry with me and couldn’t help checking work and personal emails everyday. That really defeats the purpose of vacation, right? [...]

Is Sprint GPS Navigation Free?

Do you hesitate a bit when you use Sprint’s navigation on your phone? Is Sprint Navigation free? It really depends on the rate plan you sign up. The only plans that offer unlimited turn-by-turn GPS are the Everything Data plans range from $69.99 to 99.99. The cost of unlimited data including web, emails, text messaging, [...]

Cheapest Sprint Data Plan

Want freedom of checking emails and surfing the web on your phone anytime without paying too much for data usage? Then you need the cheapest Sprint data plan. Luckily, Sprint has made that very simple by introducing the Everything Data plans that offers unlimited Web, Emails, Mobile TV, GPS navigation in one package. You can [...]