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Best Data Plan for Laptops

If you want uncompromising computing power on the go then you need a laptop equipped with mobile broadband or so-called 3G wireless connection. There currently 2 data plans for laptops or wireless laptop cards. The cheapest plan is $39.99 offered by Verizon Wireless, but it only allows you to have 250mb of data transfer. Is [...]

Best HTC Evo 4G Plans

For those you who are looking forward to switching to Sprint for the new HTC Evo 4G, you also need the best HTC Evo 4G plans. Luckily Sprint takes care of that for you with Simply Everything Plan. There is no need to pay extra for text messaging, data, emails, Mobile TV, and GPS. Like [...]

Does Bad Weather Affect Wireless Signals & Cell Phone Reception

Do you know that bad weather affect wireless signals? I have personally experience a consistent drop in bars for both voice and data reception during cloudy or stormy days. It happens every time. Bad weather does have negative effect on your cell phone signals. There is basically nothing you can do about it exception hoping [...]

Buying Used Cell Phones

Is it a good idea to buy used cell phones so that you can save a bit of money? Sure, used phones are cheaper than new ones, but there are some costs you should be aware of. First, as the term implies, the wireless device have been used before. But how was they used, we [...]

Best Mobile TV Plan

Want the best Mobile TV plan? For only $10, AT&T is offering you over 15 channels of news and entertainment all day long on your cell phone. This Mobile TV plan from AT&T includes many news authorities like CNN Mobile Live, Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. You will never miss a bit in the stock [...]

How to Extend and Maximize Battery Life on Cell Phone

So, how do you to get more battery life on your cell phone? Nowadays, people use their phones not just for talking. Text messages, pictures, videos, email, and web surfing make up most usage on a cell phone, especially smartphone. Here are some tips to maximize your cell phone battery life.
First, adjust the screen [...]

Do you need a separate phone and plan for International Travel?

Not all the cell phones can be used oversea. If you are planning to travel abroad, make you have a wireless phone that works in the destinations you are traveling to. In that case, you need a quad band phone from you current carrier.
Are quad band phones more expensive than regular phones? Not at [...]

Should I Get a Smartphone?

Tired of your old flip phone and want to upgrade to new smartphone like everyone else? Is smart phone really worth the extra cost including the phone itself and monthly data fee? There are many reasons you should be getting a smart phone and here are a few –
Smartphones can do much more than [...]

T-Mobile $79.99 Unlimited Family Plan

Talk too much? No problem. Too much on monthly phone bills? Then you should consider the new $79.00 unlimited family plan from T-Mobile. The basic family plans from other carriers generally offer you total of 700 minutes for a monthly fee of $69.99. All mobile to mobile calls are already free. So if 700 minutes [...]

Is Verizon Wireless Better Than Sprint

We discussed if Verizon better than AT&T before. Now let’s look at this question – is Verizon Wireless better than Sprint? They are both CDMA network however their phones are not compatible. What makes one better than the other comes down to phone offers and network coverage, right? First, Verizon does have more phones than [...]