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Is Verizon to Verizon Texting Free

Since you get mobile to mobile calling free from Verizon Wireless, is Verizon to Verion texting free too? Many of you expect texting from Verzion to Verizon is free, right? Well, it depends on the text messaging plan you have. For the very basic 250 messaging plan, which you are paying $5 each month, will [...]

Where Can I Preorder iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4 will be available on June 24 but you can preorder yours on June 15. Not everyone live or work near an Apple store, where else can I pre order iPhone 4? AT&T retail store – it’s has to be corporate owned. Independent authorized dealers will not be able to sell the [...]

Best Phones to Watch FIFA World Cup 2010

You don’t have to be in front of a TV to enjoy 2010 World Cup that’s happening now in South Africa. AT&T has some of the best phones to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 (with a monthly fee of course). Both Samsung Mythic and Samsung Solstice let you enjoy World Cup programming on a large [...]

Does Verizon Have Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T has effectively removed the unlimited data plans from their new phone activations. Does Verizon have unlimited data plans? If so, will they follow suit and change to tiered data plans like AT&T did? Verizon Wireless currently offers $30 unlimited data plan on smartphone and full-featured phones (actually it’s required). With that you get unlimited [...]

Should I Upgrade to iPhone 4 from iPhone 3GS?

If you are currently using iPhone 3GS you might be wondering – should I upgrade to iPhone 4? If you still have the 1st generation iPhone or iPhone 3G. Stop reading now and go do the upgrade. For anyone else, let’s look at some reasons you should upgrade your iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4.
First, [...]

Is HTC Evo 4G worth Buying?

For $199.99 after $100 rebates, is it worth buying HTC Evo 4G? Not a bad price at all. The only hassle is why require the rebate. Just throw in like an instant discount. The iPhone 3GS starts at $199.99. Not cheap, but it’s a simple price to compare to other smartphones. Until you get the [...]

Do I need to Change Unlimited iPhone Data Plan to New $25 Plan?

So AT&T just announced the new data plans – $25 DataPro with 2GB data included and $15 DataPlus with 200mb of data. Do I need to change my unlimited iPhone plan to the new $25 plan? If you are an existing AT&T customer and already enjoy unlimited data for $30, you don’t have to change [...]