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When Should I Upgrade to a New Phone?

Many of you wonder when is the right time to upgrade to a new phone. It really depends on what you need the current offers. And of course, you need to be eligible for an upgrade too. You might also ask – my phone still works, why spend money to upgrade to a new phone? [...]

Is Cell Phone with External Antenna Better?

Most of the wireless phones today have antenna hidden inside the phone (at least inside the shell). Are cell phones with external antenna better than those with internal antenna? I remember in the early days of cellular phones you can pull the antenna out and extend it to make reception better. As antenna technology evolves, [...]

Is Android Phone Better Than iPhone 4?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking a new Android phone from Verizon Wireless. There are, in fact, about 8 Android powered smartphone current on sale from Verizon. Are Android phones better than the iPhone? We are talking about 8 Android smartphone vs. iPhone 4 here. Seriously, with the hottest new [...]

What is the Best Android Phone for Sprint?

Many of you wonder what the best Android phone is for Sprint. Forget about HTC Hero or Samsung Moment, they are so outdated when you talking about smartphone age. If you want the biggest and screen with near HD quality, go with HTC Evo 4G. All Evo specs are very impressive – from 1GHz processor [...]

Should I Upgrade to BlackBerry Torch?

Do you currently have an old Blackberry Curve and wonder if you should upgrade to Blackberry Torch and take advantages of all the new features offered by BB OS 6? Or should I wait for the new OS to become available on future Curve? Well, the only touchscreen Blackberry available now from AT&T is the [...]

Noise Cancelling Headset for Cell Phones

Have you ever have experience that no matter how good the reception is you can never hear the entire conversation on your cell phone? Don’t blame the wireless network. It’s your phone. Most of the cell phones are not designed to be heavily used in very noisy environments such as construction sites, parties, and sporting [...]

How Much is Sprint Blackberry Plan

Sprint is pretty reliable when it comes to cell phone service. What about prices on Blackberry plans for Sprint? Are Sprint Blackberry plans cheaper than other carriers? There is no separate plan for Blackberry or other smartphone devices. You will need to sign up one of those Everything Data plan (starting at $69.99), which include [...]

How Much is AT&T Data Plan for BlackBerry?

How much do you have to pay for Blackberry data plan at AT&T? Now you can have data plan for Blackberry as cheap as just $15 a month (limit to 200mb data). This is good for those who occasionally check emails and surf the Internet. Heavy data users can opt for $25 that gives you [...]