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Verizon Wireless Tiered Data Plans

Why pay more for a data plan when you are only using the feature occasionally. Verizon’s new tiered data plan is the answer for those who would love to save a bit more each month on their smartphone bills. The required $30 unlimited data plan is no longer a mandatory when buying the latest smartphones. [...]

Cheapest Tethering Plan

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint already offer tethering plans through certain smartphones. Now T-Mobile has officially announced that they will offer such service too. So what’s the big deal? TMobile has the cheapest tethering plan! It only costs you $14.99 on top a $20 unlimited data plan. And like all other carriers, there is a [...]

Should I Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile

The new 3G capable Samsung Galaxy Tab costs you $599 without contract. Sure you can use Wi-Fi and surf the web at home. But it isn’t want T-Mobile want you to do with this 13 oz mobile device. The pricing has been confirmed. It will cost you $399 after $50 with a 2-year contract. So [...]

Is BlackBerry Storm 2 Worth Buying

the Blackberry Storm 2, a solid mobile email work horse you can take anywhere you go. The screen on Storm2 is not as sensative as I like it to be. Besides, you don’t really touch the screen to enter command. The entire screen works as a big button. You have to touch and press at [...]

Best Verizon Touchscreen Phone for the Money

Are you in the market for the best Verizon Touchscreen? There are a number of smartphones phones that feature nice touch screens including Blackberry, Android, and Palm. Of course, prices vary depending on the hardware. So, what’s the best Verizon Touchscreen phone for the money?
Let’s look at some Android phones. Verizon Wireless carriers more [...]

What Phones Should I Upgrade To?

Not every phone is created equal. What type of cell phones should you upgrade to every year? Some basic flip phones cost $100 or less at contract-free price. So, if you are upgrading to these free phones, you only save a $100. However, these types of phones generally don’t require text messaging and data [...]

How Much is Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint

Sprint might be the first carrier to get Galaxy Tab this year. So, are you plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab for Sprint next month you must be wondering how much it will cost, right? There are 2 options – with or without contract. A 2-year contract Samsung Galaxy Tab will set you back [...]

Blackberry Playbook – Who Is It For?

Thinking of getting a Blackberry Playbook for yourself? Not a bad idea. But consider there are so many tablet choices already in the market today and will be in the market in the coming months. The specs are pretty impressive. With HDMI output to 1080p video, front and back camera, full Flash support (something that [...]