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How Much is Verizon iPhone Mobile Hotspot?

Verizon will introduce the new iPhone 4 along with Mobile Hotspot feature that’s not yet available to AT&T customers. So how much is the Verizon iPhone Mobile Hotspot? On top of the $30 unlimited data plan, it will cost you $20. So if you want to hook up your iPad, iPod Touch, or a laptop [...]

Should I cancel my phone before switching to Verizon iPhone 4?

Absolutely No. You should not cancel your phone before switching to Verizon iPhone 4. You can keep the same number and let Verizon handle the transfer process. Your number must remain active in order to keep the same cell phone number. Canceling your service prior to signing with Verizon Wireless will force you select a [...]

iPhone 4 Verizon Phone Upgrade for Existing Customers

If you are an existing Verizon customer and but not yet eligible for upgrade you would have to pay $650 for the 16GB iPhone 4 and $750 for 32GB version. That’s a lot compared to $200 and $300 if you are eligible for Verizon phone upgrade. Verizon Wireless is basically providing the same subsidized pricing [...]

Cheapest TMobile Data Plan

What is the cheapest TMobile data plan you can get? Only $10 a month for 200MB of data usage. That’s plenty for a lot of people who just want to check emails and surf the web a few times a day. What if you are about to approach the 200MB mark? Don’t worry, T-Mobile will [...]

2011 Sprint New Data Plan Price

Folks, it’s 2011 and Sprint has officially increased the current Everything plan price from $69.99 to $79.99, which include 450 minutes of anytime talk time and free nights and weekends. Well maybe you should switch to a different carrier? Think again. Any one of the Everything Data plan offer you unlimited text messaging, web, email, [...]

Verizon Wireless is Eliminating New Every 2 Discount

In case you have heard, Verizon Wireless is killing off the New Every 2 Discount program for everyone who regularly upgrades their phones. Seriously do you think you are really saving a lot of money by upgrading directly through Verizon stores? Those of us who really want to save money on new phones already know [...]

How Much is AT&T iPhone 4 Mobile Hotspot

iPhone 4 Mobile Hotspot will be coming to AT&T soon. But how much is the iPhone 4 Mobile Hotspot for AT&T? Current iPhone users are paying $25 for 2GB of data usage every month. It’s very likely that on top of the data plan, at&t will charge you $20 for personal mobile hotspot. Given the [...]

Is Blackberry Playbook 4G

RIM’s Playbook will be available in early 2011. Is it 4G capable? Yes, Blackberry Playbook will be available in 4G. However, it will be only through Sprint. So if you must have the Playbook that runs on the fastest network, Sprint is your sole choice, unless you don’t mind going with slower 3G network with [...]

Cheapest 4G LTE Smartphone Plan

Do you want the latest 4G smartphone? We can only provide you with 4G data plan price at this point since there is no 4G devices available yet from Verizon Wireless. But wait. MetroPCS is actually offer 4G LTE phone with the cheapest all you can eat 4G smartphone plan starting at only $40. All [...]