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How Much is Data Plan for Motorola XOOM

The newly released Motorola XOOM on your hand, you might want to consider getting a data plan to take full advantage of the true mobility. How much is data plan for Motorola XOOM though? It will cost you $50 a month for 5GB of data usage. In my opinion, that’s plenty if you don’t stream [...]

HTC Thunderbolt Release Date Delayed

For those of you have have been antiously waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt to go on sale – we have some news for you. The release date has been delayed to March 4th due to unknow reason. The original release date is sometime this week. Who knows what’s cooking. If you can’t really wait. There [...]

HTC Thunderbolt for Sale

I think you can forget about Verizon Blackberry Torch forever. There is something much better that you don’t have to wait or hope you will get it one day. We are going to show you where to find HTC Thunderbolt for sale at price you won’t believe. Well, if you have come across this site [...]

AT&T Offers 1000 Anytime Minutes for Free

Some of you might have received a text message from AT&T stating that you will be offered 1000 free rollover minutes. What a surprise! In an effort to fend off the Verizon iPhone promo, AT&T is doing everything to make sure current customers are happy. If the some free minutes can keep you from defecting [...]

Should I buy iPad or Wait for HP TouchPad?

I love the iPad but HP TouchPad is coming soon. So should I buy iPad now or wait for HP TouchPad to go on sale in a couple of months. It’s no doubt that HP TouchPad is more advanced in every technical aspect when compared to Apple iPad. However, the iPad was released almost a [...]

What’s the best smartphone for web browsing?

Which smartphone has the best web browser? What’s the best smartphone for web browsing? These are one of the many questions that bother many consumers before they can decide which phone to buy. Thanks to advanced technology, there are only 3 choices now. The first is the iPhone, which comes with a Safari browser. All [...]

Is Verizon Getting Blackberry Torch

AT&T has been an exclusive seller of the new Blackberry Torch for a while, will Verizon get Blackberry Torch eventually? Based on the past relationship, Verizon Wireless always gets some variant of the same Blackberry model for sale in less than 6 months. The Blackberry Pearl was one example, although they carrier a slightly different [...]

How Much is AT&T Tethering

Have an AT&T smartphone and want to use it as modem to connect to wireless 3G network? Then you need smartphone tethering. I am already paying for a data plan, how much is AT&T Tethering? Can I get tethering without a data plan? $25 data plan with 2GB cap is required for any smartphone now [...]

Should I Switch from iPhone to Android

I don’t hate iPhone, but there are just so many other touchscreen phones out there with bigger screens and more advanced features. Should I switch from iPhone to Android? Sure you can find an Android smartphone with faster processor and larger screen. But will you be able to find as many apps in the App [...]