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How to Upgrade to a New Verizon Phone without Contract

Your current Verizon Wireless contract has a long way to go but you still want to have the latest phone? One way to upgrade to a new Verizon phone without contract is to buy the device at retail price. That’s quite expensive if you are looking at smartphones – they can cost as much as [...]

Is AT&T and TMobile Merger Bad for Consumers?

What’s the impact going to be when AT&T buys T-Mobile. Is this bad for consumers and the entire industry? AT&T offers higher rate plans than TMobile. Just to show you some examples – T-Mobile allows you to add data plan as low $10 a month while AT&T charges you at least $15. TMobile’s Unlimited Talk [...]

Top 10 Reasons Why You Won’t See iPhone 5 in Apple WWDC 2011

This year’s Apple WWDC will be held on June 6 in San Francisco. The timing is as usual, but one thing that will surprise you – you won’t see a new iPhone 5 announcement in 2011 WWDC. Here are the top 10 reasons why you won’t see the iPhone 5 in June:

WWDC is basically [...]

Can You Transfer Rollover Minutes to a Different Account

I have over 3000 rollover minutes from AT&T and how do I transfer them to a different account. Sorry you can’t. However you can transfer roll over minutes from one plan to another if you are upgrading. That means if you currently have AT&T Nation 450 Rollover Minutes plan and upgrade to AT&T FamilyTalk Nation [...]

Can You Use TMobile 3G Phone on AT&T’s Network

The biggest news came out this week is the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. The bad news is that current TMobile 3G phones will not work on AT&T’s 3G network when the deal does go through in the next 12 months. Long time T-Mobile customers with 3G devices – flip phone, smartphones, and laptop [...]

When is HTC EVO 3D Release Date – Sprint Official Launch

When can you expect Sprint to launch the new HTC EVO 3D? The official release date from Sprint is this summer. To be more specific I am speculating sometime in June. Although the HTC EVO 3D release date is likely to coincide with the next generation iPhone that will be announced in early June this [...]

Will T-Mobile get the iPhone in 2011?

The news broken over the weekend that AT&T and T-Mobile’s planned merger will result in more iPhone user? It’s true. But will T-Mobile get the iPhone in 2011? It’s not going to happen. The design and testing for the 2011 iPhone has been underway and should be released in June or July this year. There [...]

Which One is Better – Verizon iPad 2 vs. AT&T iPad 2

Is Verizon iPad 2 better than AT&T iPad 2? Which one should you choose if you are planning to buy a 3G iPad 2? In terms of specs and prices they are the same. What makes them different is the 3G network. Verizon Wireless is CDMA based while AT&T is GSM. Although GSM is the [...]

Should I get iPad Postpaid Data Plan from AT&T

AT&T has made the iPad data plan available on postpaid basis. Still there is no contract involved and you can cancel and reactivate it anytime you want. There is no difference on the rates. The 250MB data is still going to cost you $15 a month. Although not everyone agree that iPad 3G plan is [...]

How Much is iPad 2 Data Plan on Verizon Wireless

Verizon iPad 2 is shipping on March 11th. So how much is the iPad 2 data plan on Verizon Wireless? Is it more expensive than that from AT&T? Not really. Verizon offers $20 iPad 2 plan with 1GB of data, $35 for 3GB, $50 monthly access for 5GB, and $80 gives you 10GB of data [...]