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Should I Buy a Cheap Android Phone?

Smartphones are not cheap these days, be ready to shell out $200 or more for an advanced Android phone. If you don’t have enough money and still want to buy a cheap Android phone, your choice will be limited to refurbished ones or something with low-end specs. Don’t expect any of the 4G phones to [...]

Verizon Wireless Memorial Day Sale 2011

This year’s Verizon Wireless Memorial Day Sale is bigger than ever at Amazon. HTC Thunderbolt, DROID CHARGE, and LG Revolution are the latest 4G smartphones available from Verizon that have the most advanced specs – faster processor, larger screen, and of course, they all run on the fastest and most reliable 4G network. The cheapest [...]

AT&T Memorial Day Sale 2011

The weather is hot and AT&T Memorial Day Sale 2011 is even hotter. All AT&T smartphones are on sale today and you can get the all new HTC Inspire 4G for a penny (it’s basically free) from Amazon. Overall customer rating is close to 5 stars! What do people like about this phone? Powerful processor, [...]

Memorial Day Cell Phone Deals & Sales 2011

This year’s Memorial Day Cell Phone Deals include many advanced Android smartphones. The newly introduced LG Revolution 4G smarphone can be found at Amazon Wireless for sale at $149.99 with a new plan. HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 2 is another great deal. You can get this super-sleek Android phone for only $79.99. Well, if you [...]

HTC Trophy on Sale

Believe it or not, the first Windows Phone 7 for Verizon Wireless – HTC Trophy is on sale today for only $149.99 with a new contract. In addition to the relatively low price, you will also get a free XBOX 360 game. Before Verizon got the iPhone 4, some people were speculating that Verizon will [...]

Google Wallet Available on Nexus S 4G from Sprint

We know this is not a matter of how, it’s a matter of when we can use cell phones to pay for a cup of coffee or a fancy dinner. And it’s finally here. Sprint Nexus 4G will be the device capable of doing NFC payment. How exactly do you pay for you next cup [...]

Verizon Will Kill Unlimited Data Plans This Summer

We all know this day will be coming soon after AT&T scraped the unlimited data plan last year. The exact tiers are not yet revealed. We expect similar offers like those from AT&T – $15 and $25, with options to buy more GB if you ever reach the limit. One surprise is that they will [...]

HTC HD7S on Sale June 5th

Not to be outdone by the Android invasion this summer, AT&T will have the new HTC HD7S on sale starting June 5th. The 4.3 inch screen is currently the largest Windows Phone 7. It’s basically the rebranded HD7 found in T-Mobile. The only difference is that the HTC HD7S has sharper Super LCD touch screen. [...]

DROID X2 for Sale on May 26th

Can you believe that DROID X has been in the market for almost a year? Time for an upgrade. The DROID X2 will be officially for sale on May 26th at Verizon Wireless store. Since it’s the second generation of the Android smartphone you can expect a more powerful processor and high resolution touchscreen. Indeed [...]

Failed Acquisition of T-Mobile Will Cost $6B

What happens if AT&T is unable to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion? Costly! According to a Reuters report, AT&T will have to pay total of $6 billion, including $3 billion cash, $2 billion worth of spectrum, and $ billion roaming agreement. Not a small price to pay. This deal is expected to close in [...]