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Sprint Offers Bonus 300 Minutes on Everything Data 450

Sprint’s rate plans always include extra stuff like GPS and Mobile TV that you would normally have to pay extra with other carriers. And now Sprint is offering 300 bonus Anytime Minutes with an Everything Data 450 plan. That’s 750 minutes per month. Keep in mind that you are getting unlimited domestic calls to and [...]

Should I Sign up a New Verizon Wireless Plan to Get Unlimited Data

We know Verizon Wireless will be making a big change on the data plan on July 7th of 2011. Current customers will have their current unlimited data grandfathered. However, for those who are seeking to stream YouTube and online radio extensively – should you sign up a new Verizon Wireless plan just to get unlimited [...]

Samsung Gravity Smart Reviews

In case you haven’t used the Samsung Gravity lines before, they are basically a full-featured message phones with a full QWERTY keyboard. This time it’s different. The new Samsung Gravity Smart now comes with Android OS 2.2 “Froyo”. With a faster processor, a full touchscreen, and an easy slide-out keyboard, you can fire up text [...]

AT&T Offer Unlimited Talk Text Prepaid Phones

Prepaid phones are not quite cheap since carriers don’t usually subsidize them with steep discount like other contract phones. However, AT&T GoPhones are much cheaper in terms of rate plans. You can get unlimited talk and text for just $50 a month. Consider AT&T Nation 450 Rollover Minutes cost $39.99 alone, and unlimited text will [...]

Verizon Will End Unlimited Data Plans in July

We all know this day will come after AT&T changed their data plans from unlimited to 200MB ($15) and 2GB ($25) last year. Verizon will end unlimited data plans on July 7th. Since majority of wireless users consume much less than 2GB a month, new Verizon subscribers will be charged $30 for 2GB usage. Need [...]

T-Mobile Web DayPass

Some of us don’t need data access all day long on cell phones, especially those on a T-Mobile prepaid Go Phone? So, what happens if you need to go browse the web or check emails on your phone? Well, you can use something called Web DayPass from T-Mobile. For only $1.5, you will get unlimited [...]

HP TouchPad on Sale July 1

Finally there is a true contender in the tablet battle. Forget about Blackberry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The HP TouchPad is one hot item you don’t want to miss out this summer and it will go on sale on July 1. As wildly expected – you will have a chance to pick either the [...]

Should I Buy Refurbished Cell Phones

If you can’t afford a new phone should you buy refurbished cell phones instead? They are usually 50% cheaper than the same phones in brand new condition. Just to clarity a bit. A refurbished cell phone doesn’t necessarily mean the phone was broken and then got repaired. They simply mean that some bought the phone [...]

Tracfone Family Plan

Do you know that Tracfone offer family plans too? That’s right, you can get very cheap prepaid family plans without contract and monthly bills. You only have to pay $9.99 for the first phone’s 50 minutes. Each additional phone with 40 minutes will only set you back $5.99. You will automatically receive these minute every [...]

T-Mobile Introduces More for Me on Android

Lucky for TMobile users who have smartphones with Android 1.6 or later, you can get personalized daily deals from sites like LivingSocial right at your finger tips. T-Mobile introduced More For Me app yesterday for 260 markets in the U.S. This exclusive T-Mobile app can be downloaded from Android market for free and the service [...]