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Do You Need a Facebook Phone

Seriously you can’t access Facebook from your regular phone and you need a dedicated Facebook phone to update your status or share something interesting with your friends every minute? There are already Facebook apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Even full-featured phone now comes with widgets that let you connected to Facebook directly without having [...]

Should You Buy T-Mobile Micro SIM Card

Should you buy a T-Mobile Micro SIM card and use it on iPhone 4? It’s on sale now on with a 2-year contract. The interesting part is that the suggested retail price is only $9.99. You are only saving $10 but you have to be tied up with the same carrier for 2 years! [...]

Wirefly Coupon Promo Code July 2011

Let’s get to the point: WIREFLY4G44 is Wirefly promo code for July 2011. With this Wirefly coupon code, you can get a FREE 4 GB Memory Card. Most of the phones are much cheaper than at local wireless stores. You can save up to $200 with 2-year contract. Amazon offers similar deals and some of [...]

TMobile myTouch 4G Slide for Sale

We know myTouch 4G Slide would be coming soon and please mark your calendar on July 27 – this is the date TMobile myTouch 4G Slide goes on sale for $149.99 through online authorized dealers. You can still check it out at your local T-Mobile stores but expect price to go as high as $249.99 [...]

T-Mobile Value Plans Are Affordable

Phones are cheap these days, many of them are free out of pocket if we you are willing to commit to a 2-year contract. However, not many plans offer the low month rates. With essential features like text/video message, data, email, and GPS navigation, you will be shocked on how much you will have to [...]

Is It Worth Getting a Data Plan

Are data plans worth it? Although not every carrier requires you to sign a data plan when buying a new phone at subsidized price you may want to consider getting a data feature to make the most out of the new phone, especially smartphones. One major concern for consumers is the price – they not [...]

Best Prepaid Android Phone for the Money

We told you the best place to buy prepaid Android phones was online. But do you know that the best Android phone for the money is? Every carrier offers Android smartphones for post-paid service plans at steep discount. For those who don’t want to be locked to a 2-year contract, you can still find rock-bottom [...]

Is Prepaid Better Than Contract

With so many free phone offers out there why do people still want get a prepaid phone at retail price? Is prepaid better than contract? We briefly talked about how much you can save with postpaid plan before – let’s explore some reasons why some people actually prefer buying a prepaid phone. Most of the [...]

Should I Get Personal Mobile Hotspot

Tired of looking for free Wi-Fi? Even wonder if you should get a personal Mobile Hotspot? If you happened to get Verizon Mobile Hotspot extended, you should already have enough time to find out whether the service will be worth paying for. Although many hotels, restaurant, and cafe offer free Wi-Fi service for the general [...]

DROID 3 for Sale Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has the DROID 3 for sale at $199.99 with a new service contract. Should you upgrade? Motorola claims this device is the world’s thinnest QWERTY keyboard smartphone that allows users to make calls and access Internet in over 200 countries. The phone measures in at 2.5-inches W x 4.9-inches H x 0.5-inches [...]