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How To Avoid Expensive Data Plans

Are data plans expensive? How do you avoid these data plans you still want to have a smartphone? Well, they are certainly more expensive than what they used to be and are required for steep discount on smartphones and some full-featured phones. To say that all data plans are expensive is quite unfair. They cost [...]

Will T-Mobile Get iPhone 5 in October 2011

A number of rumors have pointed to that T-Mobile will indeed get the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 in October 2011. I have doubt that iPhone will eventually be available on every major wireless carrier in North America. Given the increasing popularity of the iPhone, there are already over one million iPhone users on its [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy HP TouchPad

With the HP TouchPad on sale for only $99.99 you might be tempted to just grab one for fun. Not so fast. You Shouldn’t Buy the HP TouchPad. Why would you waste $100 on a device that will never be supported in the future? Why not invest that $100 on a brand new iPad 2 [...]

AT&T Streamlines Text Messaging Plans

AT&T again will remove tired messaging plans. The 1000 text messages for $10 per month will no long be available after August 21. That’s a bit of disappointment for casual texters on an individual plan. They already removed the 200 messages for $5 plan a while back. And now everyone is forced to sign for [...]

Blackberry Torch 9810 for Sale AT&T

It’s time to upgrade to Blackberry Torch. The new Blackberry Torch 9810 for AT&T will go on sale on August 21st for just $49.99 with a new contract. If you are a fan of touchscreen Blackberry smartphone, this new slide-out keyboard is something you can’t miss. The first generation of Torch 9800 was big hit [...]

Blackberry Bold 9930 for Sale Verizon Wireless

It’s been a while since Blackberry introduced a new device. Verizon Wireless has the new Blackberry Bold 9930 for sale today. You can get this Blackberry 7 powered smartphone for $249.99 with a 2-year contract. The price is quite high but in line with other high-end Android smartphones. The only thing that I wish the [...]

7-Eleven Sells T-Mobile Prepaid Phones

There are more places you can buy new prepaid T-Mobile phones. 7-Eleven is the first convenience retailers to offer TMobile Pay As You Go phones There is no doubts that prepaid phones are cheaper when you factor in the monthly saving and the freedom of not having to be locked into a 24-month contract. Now [...]