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AT&T LG Thrill 4G on Sale

AT&T has the all new LG Thrill 4G on sale now for $99. Ever wonder if 3D phone is worth buying still. This time you can paying much less than other 3D phones released earlier. AT&T LG Thrill has incredible 4.3 3D touch screen that allows comfortable, glasses-free 3D viewing experience. Images, videos, and 3D [...]

Metro PCS LG Esteem 4G on Sale

The new LG Esteem is the most powerful 4G LTE yet from Metro PCS. It’s on sale today for only $249. All the specs are pretty much the same as LG Revolution from Verizon Wireless – 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, Android 2.3, amazing 4.3 inch display, thousands of free apps and games from Android Market. Most [...]

Should I Preorder Amazon Kindle Fire

For only $199 you will get a fully functional Android tablet from Amazon. However it won’t be available until November 15. For the price and quality products we’ve seen from Amazon, it’s a no brainer you should preorder the Kindle Fire if you are in the market for a new eBook reader or tablet. By [...]

Cheapest Verizon 4G LTE Phone

Don’t you want to pare up the cheapest 4G LTE phone with the cheapest 4G LTE plan from Verizon Wireless? All the 4G Verizon phones released earlier have price tags range from $200 to $300 with a 2-year contract commitment. Verizon finally released the Pantech Breakout that doesn’t break your bank. For only $99.99 after [...]

Should I Get AT&T Global Messaging Plans

Should you get AT&T Global Messaging Plans when traveling abroad? Now you have 2 more choices when it comes to International texting. The AT&T Global Messaging plans are adding Global Messaging 200 for $30/month and Global Messaging 500 for $50 a month. If you are only taking a short trip oversea you can still buy [...]

New AT&T GoPhone Plans 2011

AT&T will start offering a new GoPhone plan on Sept. 18 for prepaid customers. You will also get the option of an international long distance package. The national GoPhone plan will cost $25 a month and include 240 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited, nationwide messaging. Sounds like a good deal to me since the unlimited [...]

What is the Cheapest Tethering Plan for Verizon Wireless

If you want to use have Internet connection on your laptop all the time you have 2 choices: One way is to buy a wireless broadband USB card or MiFi personal mobile hotspot device; another way is that you can tether your smartphone and share 3G/4G connection with up to 8 Wi-Fi devices. Some of [...]

$100 Gift Card for Upgrading to a Smartphone

Verizon Wireless is giving away $100 to anyone who upgrade from a basic phone to a new smartphone. So how do you qualify? To be eligible for Verizon Wireless $100 gift card you must be a current Verizon Wireless customer using a basic phone; you must activate a smartphone with a 2-year contract extension. Verizon [...]

How Much Memory Do I Need for iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone will be released later this month or in early October. One question that many of you might be ask is how much memory do I need for iPhone 5? we are expecting 2 capacities available – 16GB and 32 GB. Some of you are hoping to get 64GB. But I really [...]

Best Budget 4G Phone

For budget-minded users currently has the all new Samsung Conquer 4G listed for $99.99 after instant discount and mail-in rebates. That’s the best budget 4G phone in my opinion. What matters the most to me is browsing speed. Samsung Conquer 4G is built on Android 2.3 and powered by a 1GHz processor. Although it [...]