Are Touch Screen Phones Easy to Use

Touchscreen phones are typically bigger and weigh than regular flip phones. Are they easy to use? Should you switch from flip phone or candy bar phone to touch screen phones? Many people find touch screen easy to read and difficult to navigate without dedicated buttons. All functions and features need to be accessed via touch or gestures on the screen. If you are not family with the operating system, it might be a bit challenging for the switch.

If you are totally new to touch screen phones, you will discover some great features that can never be found on a regular flip phone such and drag and drop to customize menus and programs. They are actually very easy to use once you have everything set up. The technology just keeps on getting better and many of the gestures are very intuitive.

I know not every agree that touch screen phone are easy to use. Many people find that different phones offer different way to “touch”. And the virtual keyboard is difficult to master and significantly slow their texting speed vs. typing on a physical QWERTY smartphone. But once you get used to the touch features you can basically type as fast as using a real QWERTY keyboard.

If you have used both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard phones, leave a comment and let us know what you think of each.

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3 Responses to “Are Touch Screen Phones Easy to Use”

  1. Jake Ryans says:

    I have an env touch with both a physical keyboard and a touch screen. For browsing the web, I only use the touch but for texting the QWERTY keyboard proves to be so much faster. I also have an HP tablet PC. Both the touch and the regular keyboard are equivalent in speed. I much prefer touch screen phones, just because of all the features that they offer and if I had to, I’de get used to the touch screen.

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  3. Allen says:

    im currently learning to use a touchscreen phone. I notice that the best wast to use the touchscreen is with your index finger. Secondly , I would need to use both hands, one to hold the phone and the other to navigate. With previous kind of phones I was used to using my thumb only.but the thumb use is quite painful is also convenient to place the phone on a take and use ur index finder to operate. I’m currently using swype to type which is making the job easier. Swype is a new technology that lets us slide your finder on the virtual keyboard to form a word. All in all using touchscreen has a high learning curve. Using see much use of it except having the internet on your phone.

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