Best 3G Verizon Touch Screen Phones

We already know that touchscreen phones are easy to use. What is the best 3G touch screen phone for Verizon Wireless today? Actually there are a number of phones that we highly recommend. For beginners that just want the easy use of touch sensitive screens, the LG Chocolate Touch is a nice choice. It has everything you need like text messaging, camera, and social networking apps. Consider the price ($0.00 after instant rebates) and features (streaming audio and videos) you get with the Chocolate Touch, it’s a steal. Of course, if you don’t have problem shelling out $150 or more, the best 3G Verizon touchscreen phone belongs to DROID Incredible. What makes it more favorable than other 3G touchscreen phones? When you combine the fastest mobile phone processor and 3G together everything run super smooth. Whatever you do, there is no lagging and no delay.

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