Best BlackBerry Phone 2010 for Gift

So many people put smartphones on their wish list in holiday 2010. I would like to give my wife a brand new Blackberry this year. So, what’s the best Blackberry phone for gift in 2010? Well, there are a couple new releases in recent months. Blackberry Torch is exclusively available through AT&T while Blackberry Style is offered only through Sprint. Both models run the latest Blackberry OS 6. I always wanted a phone with touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard for myself. Now that I can give it away as gift – that’s even merrier. Since I am not a big fan of flip style smartphone, the AT&T Torch is a logical choice. And it’s much better phone in my opinion. Most of the time, you don’t need to use the physical keyboard unless you want to type a long emails. The touchscreen is very responsive, much better than Blackberry Storm 2. Blackberry Torch is the best Blackberry phone in 2010. No question about that.

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