Best Data Plan for Laptops

If you want uncompromising computing power on the go then you need a laptop equipped with mobile broadband or so-called 3G wireless connection. There currently 2 data plans for laptops or wireless laptop cards. The cheapest plan is $39.99 offered by Verizon Wireless, but it only allows you to have 250mb of data transfer. Is that enough? 1 E-mail (1 text page without attachments) take up 3KB and Typical Web Page lookup need 300KB, and PowerPoint Presentation (20 pages text & light graphics) requires 3MB. What if you occasionally stream music and video? You will run over the limit in a few hours. So, 250MB is definitely not the best data plan you should get for your laptop. The next available laptop wireless plan gives you 5GB or 5,120 MB of data usage for $59.99. That’s 20 times the limit of $39.99 plan. That’s the best wireless data plan for laptops. Unfortunately, none of the major carriers offer unlimited data plans for laptops. If you need more than 5GB, call up your wireless provider and work something out.

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