Best iPad 3G Data Wireless Plan

What is the best iPad data plan? Well there are only 2 choices here. $15 for $250MB or $30 for unlimited data usage. Either one is much better than the laptop data plan. If you are not planning to heavily rely on the 3G network for downloading books and applications or browsing the web, you would probably want to opt for the 250MB plan. Trust me $15 is a really cheap price to pay for occasionally web surfing and emailing. The best iPad wireless plan is the $30 one. I know many of you are already paying $30 for unlimited data on your smartphone. Why pay $30 extra for the iPad? Here is the deal. If you are planning to carry iPad with you all the time, why not cancel the data plan on your phone. Instead of slow loading web pages on your phone, why not get the full HTML web browsing experience on a large and bright screen. The great part about the best iPad 3G data plan is that you don’t need to sign a 2-year contract. Simply try it and cancel it, and try it again and cancel it again based on your mobile computing needs.

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