Best Smartphone Gifts 2010

It’s time of the year again for gift giving, why not give a brand new smartphone for your loved ones? This year, Verizon Wireless has the best smartphone gifts among all carriers. The DROID invasion continues its force and picks up more steam in December 2010. One of my favorite is the new DROID Pro. It has the fastest processor among all Android smartphones in the market today. So whether you are playing games, movies, and surfing the web. The DROID Pro is a perfect gift for who always demand the latest technology and want to manage their personal and business life. What also great about this phone is that the full QWERTY keyboard in right below the screen. You don’t have to slide in and out to hide and reveal the keyboard. Another best smartphone gift for 2010 you don’t want to miss out is the DROID INCREDIBLE. Voted the top touchscreen phone of the year by users, phone incorporates the best features from Android and unique HTC user interface. Price is at the lowest of the season. Plus you can add it free to a new family plan (save $10 each month). Now you really want one for yourself, don’t you?

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