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Blackberry Torch 9810 for Sale AT&T

It’s time to upgrade to Blackberry Torch. The new Blackberry Torch 9810 for AT&T will go on sale on August 21st for just $49.99 with a new contract. If you are a fan of touchscreen Blackberry smartphone, this new slide-out keyboard is something you can’t miss. The first generation of Torch 9800 was big hit [...]

Blackberry Bold 9930 for Sale Verizon Wireless

It’s been a while since Blackberry introduced a new device. Verizon Wireless has the new Blackberry Bold 9930 for sale today. You can get this Blackberry 7 powered smartphone for $249.99 with a 2-year contract. The price is quite high but in line with other high-end Android smartphones. The only thing that I wish the [...]

Sprint Delays 4G Playbook by Blackberry

The Blackberry Playbook was announced at the end of July 2010 and now the Wi-Fi version became available this spring at Staples, Best Buy, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and RadioShack. It’s been a long wait and still there are no signs of a 4G Blackberry Playbook. Sprint is supposed to release the WiMax version this [...]

BlackBerry Bold 9900 9930 for Sale

It’s official! We will see BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 on sale this summer. This is another great product since the release of Blackberry Torch last year. The Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 supports HSPA+ connectivity while Bold 9930 supports CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and HSPA+ global roaming on GSM/UMTS networks. We are very excited about [...]

Is Verizon Getting Blackberry Torch

AT&T has been an exclusive seller of the new Blackberry Torch for a while, will Verizon get Blackberry Torch eventually? Based on the past relationship, Verizon Wireless always gets some variant of the same Blackberry model for sale in less than 6 months. The Blackberry Pearl was one example, although they carrier a slightly different [...]

Best BlackBerry Phone 2010 for Gift

So many people put smartphones on their wish list in holiday 2010. I would like to give my wife a brand new Blackberry this year. So, what’s the best Blackberry phone for gift in 2010? Well, there are a couple new releases in recent months. Blackberry Torch is exclusively available through AT&T while Blackberry Style [...]

Is BlackBerry Storm 2 Worth Buying

the Blackberry Storm 2, a solid mobile email work horse you can take anywhere you go. The screen on Storm2 is not as sensative as I like it to be. Besides, you don’t really touch the screen to enter command. The entire screen works as a big button. You have to touch and press at [...]

Blackberry Playbook – Who Is It For?

Thinking of getting a Blackberry Playbook for yourself? Not a bad idea. But consider there are so many tablet choices already in the market today and will be in the market in the coming months. The specs are pretty impressive. With HDMI output to 1080p video, front and back camera, full Flash support (something that [...]

BlackBerry Curve 3G for Verizon Wireless

Here comes a pair of new Blackberry Curve 3G 9330 for Verizon Wireless. We don’t understand why they are called 3G since all current Verizon Blackberry phones are running on EVDO network. Looking at the specs, it’s not much more impressive than the current BlackBerry Curve 8530. Perhaps the one of the most important part [...]

Should I Upgrade to BlackBerry Torch?

Do you currently have an old Blackberry Curve and wonder if you should upgrade to Blackberry Torch and take advantages of all the new features offered by BB OS 6? Or should I wait for the new OS to become available on future Curve? Well, the only touchscreen Blackberry available now from AT&T is the [...]