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New Android Phones for Holiday 2011

There are more cool Android phones coming to 2011 holiday season. AT&T already has 5 new Android phones lined up to be released as early this month. One of the high-end smartphone many of us have been waiting for is the Atrix 2. The original Motorola Atrix is currently one of top sellers. Combined powerful [...]

AT&T Sold 200,000 iPhone 4S in 12 Hours

Despite some glitches AT&T Sold 200,000 iPhone 4S in the first 12 hours of preordering. While many Apple fans are still complaining about the lack of design change/improvement on the new iPhone 4S people are still flooding to Apple online store or carriers’ sites to scoop up the latest offering from Apple. The last year’s [...]

AT&T LG Thrill 4G on Sale

AT&T has the all new LG Thrill 4G on sale now for $99. Ever wonder if 3D phone is worth buying still. This time you can paying much less than other 3D phones released earlier. AT&T LG Thrill has incredible 4.3 3D touch screen that allows comfortable, glasses-free 3D viewing experience. Images, videos, and 3D [...]

Should I Get AT&T Global Messaging Plans

Should you get AT&T Global Messaging Plans when traveling abroad? Now you have 2 more choices when it comes to International texting. The AT&T Global Messaging plans are adding Global Messaging 200 for $30/month and Global Messaging 500 for $50 a month. If you are only taking a short trip oversea you can still buy [...]

New AT&T GoPhone Plans 2011

AT&T will start offering a new GoPhone plan on Sept. 18 for prepaid customers. You will also get the option of an international long distance package. The national GoPhone plan will cost $25 a month and include 240 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited, nationwide messaging. Sounds like a good deal to me since the unlimited [...]

AT&T Streamlines Text Messaging Plans

AT&T again will remove tired messaging plans. The 1000 text messages for $10 per month will no long be available after August 21. That’s a bit of disappointment for casual texters on an individual plan. They already removed the 200 messages for $5 plan a while back. And now everyone is forced to sign for [...]

Blackberry Torch 9810 for Sale AT&T

It’s time to upgrade to Blackberry Torch. The new Blackberry Torch 9810 for AT&T will go on sale on August 21st for just $49.99 with a new contract. If you are a fan of touchscreen Blackberry smartphone, this new slide-out keyboard is something you can’t miss. The first generation of Torch 9800 was big hit [...]

Do You Need a Facebook Phone

Seriously you can’t access Facebook from your regular phone and you need a dedicated Facebook phone to update your status or share something interesting with your friends every minute? There are already Facebook apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Even full-featured phone now comes with widgets that let you connected to Facebook directly without having [...]

Is It Worth Getting a Data Plan

Are data plans worth it? Although not every carrier requires you to sign a data plan when buying a new phone at subsidized price you may want to consider getting a data feature to make the most out of the new phone, especially smartphones. One major concern for consumers is the price – they not [...]

Should I Get Personal Mobile Hotspot

Tired of looking for free Wi-Fi? Even wonder if you should get a personal Mobile Hotspot? If you happened to get Verizon Mobile Hotspot extended, you should already have enough time to find out whether the service will be worth paying for. Although many hotels, restaurant, and cafe offer free Wi-Fi service for the general [...]