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How To Avoid Expensive Data Plans

Are data plans expensive? How do you avoid these data plans you still want to have a smartphone? Well, they are certainly more expensive than what they used to be and are required for steep discount on smartphones and some full-featured phones. To say that all data plans are expensive is quite unfair. They cost [...]

What’s the best smartphone for web browsing?

Which smartphone has the best web browser? What’s the best smartphone for web browsing? These are one of the many questions that bother many consumers before they can decide which phone to buy. Thanks to advanced technology, there are only 3 choices now. The first is the iPhone, which comes with a Safari browser. All [...]

What Phones Should I Upgrade To?

Not every phone is created equal. What type of cell phones should you upgrade to every year? Some basic flip phones cost $100 or less at contract-free price. So, if you are upgrading to these free phones, you only save a $100. However, these types of phones generally don’t require text messaging and data [...]

When Should I Upgrade to a New Phone?

Many of you wonder when is the right time to upgrade to a new phone. It really depends on what you need the current offers. And of course, you need to be eligible for an upgrade too. You might also ask – my phone still works, why spend money to upgrade to a new phone? [...]

What’s on Sale on Memorial Day 2010?

If you are thinking to upgrade your phone or open a new wireless account you might as well do it during Memorial Day 2010. Depending on the phones of your choice, you can get discount that you don’t normally see until Christmas shopping season. Here are some of the hottest phones on sale on Memorial [...]

How to Get Better Reception with Verizon Wireless

Have bad reception with your Verizon cell phones? Here are some general tips to get better reception with Verizon Wireless or other carriers. Do you have an old phone? If the answer is yes, then you need to upgrade to a new phone to take advantage of the new and improvement wireless technology. Newer phones [...]

Does Bad Weather Affect Wireless Signals & Cell Phone Reception

Do you know that bad weather affect wireless signals? I have personally experience a consistent drop in bars for both voice and data reception during cloudy or stormy days. It happens every time. Bad weather does have negative effect on your cell phone signals. There is basically nothing you can do about it exception hoping [...]

Buying Used Cell Phones

Is it a good idea to buy used cell phones so that you can save a bit of money? Sure, used phones are cheaper than new ones, but there are some costs you should be aware of. First, as the term implies, the wireless device have been used before. But how was they used, we [...]

How to Extend and Maximize Battery Life on Cell Phone

So, how do you to get more battery life on your cell phone? Nowadays, people use their phones not just for talking. Text messages, pictures, videos, email, and web surfing make up most usage on a cell phone, especially smartphone. Here are some tips to maximize your cell phone battery life.
First, adjust the screen [...]