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Samsung Gravity Smart Reviews

In case you haven’t used the Samsung Gravity lines before, they are basically a full-featured message phones with a full QWERTY keyboard. This time it’s different. The new Samsung Gravity Smart now comes with Android OS 2.2 “Froyo”. With a faster processor, a full touchscreen, and an easy slide-out keyboard, you can fire up text [...]

Motorola Triumph on Sale Virgin Mobile

For the first time Motorola is making its latest Android smartphone available on prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile. Motorola Triumph will go on sale this summer. You have the flexibility of not being locked in a contract plan (I have to admit that prepaid is better than contract if you are thinking to switch to another [...]

Should I Upgrade to HP Veer

Folks, HP Veer goes on sale officially. Don’t rush to local ATT& stores, do some search online and you will be surprised how cheap you can get this new WebOS phone for. Should you rush to upgrade to HP Veer if you already own Palm Pre or Palm Pixi? It depends. As a consumer who [...]

Verizon’s iPhone Helped IOS Gain Market Share

Thanks to the 2.2 million iPhone 4 activated by Verizon Wireless during the first Quarter, the IOS has gain more market share at the expense of Android. According to NPD Group, Google Android smartphone market share has dropped from 53% to 50% in Q1 2011. Overall, IOS devices shot up 9 percent points and account [...]

Is Data Plan Required for Droid X

Many of you are wonder if data plan is required for Droid X. The answer is yes. I was speculating that Verizon Wireless would end the unlimited data plan soon after AT&T said they would no longer offer unlimited data for new subscribers. But Verizon has yet to announce the new plan. Well, if you [...]

How to Save Money by Using Same Wireless Carrier

We already show you steps to save money on cell phone bills. Now let’s get into more details on how to save money by using the same wireless carrier. If you already have an individual plan, that’s ok. Do you know that carrier offer free in-network calls to anyone? Yes, as long as the caller [...]