Cheapest 4G LTE Smartphone Plan

Do you want the latest 4G smartphone? We can only provide you with 4G data plan price at this point since there is no 4G devices available yet from Verizon Wireless. But wait. MetroPCS is actually offer 4G LTE phone with the cheapest all you can eat 4G smartphone plan starting at only $40. All taxes and fees are included too. Unbelievable. All other carriers charge $30 for unlimited data on a 3G or 4G phone on top of $40 voice plan. So, $0 is the cheapest 4g LTE smartphone plan, and it’s only available from MetroPCS. There are also 2 other 4G plans that cost $50 and $60 respectively, and they include Mobile TV channels and GPS. If you are looking for your first 4G LTE phone, definitely try out MetroPCS.

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