How Much Memory Do I Need for iPhone 5

The next generation iPhone will be released later this month or in early October. One question that many of you might be ask is how much memory do I need for iPhone 5? we are expecting 2 capacities available – 16GB and 32 GB. Some of you are hoping to get 64GB. But I really doubt the 64GB version will be released this time. So how much memory is enough? First of all, when you see 16GB on the back of the iPhone, there is only 14GB available. The reason is that some memory are being using by the IOS and default Apps. So, there is only 14GB available for the user. Same goes for 32GB – you will only see 30GB available when checking the About in the phone setting. I have been using 16GB iPhone 4 for little over a year. For the first few months I didn’t have too many apps, pictures, and videos. Since I don’t download songs (use Pandora instead) I thought I would never use up the memory. That changed after just 6 months. I have over 200 songs, 300 photos, 90 video clips, and 100 apps. The photos and videos take up majority of the memory storage. The videos and pictures were taken with the 5mp camera. In case you haven’t heard, the iPhone 5 will have an 8 megapixel camera. So the quality will be better and will require more memory space. How many GB do I need on my iPhone 5? Definitely go for 32GB you plan to use it as a camera/camcorder! Otherwise, 16GB is good enough for thousands of apps and games.

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