How to Upgrade to a New Verizon Phone without Contract

Your current Verizon Wireless contract has a long way to go but you still want to have the latest phone? One way to upgrade to a new Verizon phone without contract is to buy the device at retail price. That’s quite expensive if you are looking at smartphones – they can cost as much as $600 upfront. For those who are looking for something simpler like a flip phone, you don’t have to pay that much. Phones like Samsung Gusto and LG Accolade are selling at very low prices, even at retail. We are talking about just $100 or even less to upgrade to a Verizon phone without signing a new contract. Wait, $100 is still too much for most of us. Here is one trick you can use – buy a prepaid Verizon phone. These new Verizon phones don’t require a contract. However you will need to fill up the some minutes before you can start talking on the phone. And depending on the plans – you are only required to pay during the day you make calls. Anyway, the point is that these phones are cheaper and you can use them for postpaid and replace your current phone for any reason and simply buy one for backup. You can buy the LG Accolade or Samsung Gusto as low as $30 at Target or Wal-Mart stores. It’s the same exact phone used for postpaid service. So check out the prepaid selections first next time want to upgrade to a new phone.

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