HP Offers Cheap Prepaid Data Plans

HP now offers a prepaid 3G plan to customers who purchase a new business laptop with mobile broadband modem built in. This Pay As You Go data service is called HP Data Pass, which offers the same coverage as Sprint’s 3G network. Price starts at $10 for 100 MB and $30 for 1GB. While $10 is definitely the cheapest mobile broadband plan ever offered on a mobile 3G broadband, it will probably only cover 5 hours of web surfing. If you do need to check some information online and or connect to an office network this can be useful feature as you won’t be required to pay activation fee every time you sign up. For those who hesitate to try, HP is now offering the service with 14-day 100 MB free trial. The 1GB is more practical even though you don’t plan to use it up. Compared prices on a per-gagabye basis, Verizon Wireless offers 5GB data usage on its 3G and 4G network for only $50 a month if you are willing to commit to a 2-year contract. On the other hand if you choose to buy prepaid data plan from Verizon, it will cost you $50 for a 1GB – not exactly a good deal since HP offers you the same amount of usage for $20 less. So, would you consider buying the new HP Pay As You Go Data Plan?

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