Is HTC Inspire Better Than iPhone 4

iPhone 4 was release in July 2010 and HTC Inspire 4G was released in February 2011. They were born 7 months apart and share few similarities. Is HTC Inspire better than iPhone 4? First of all, the HTC Inspire run on AT&T’s 4G network and iPhone 4 is still in 3G mode – it will not be fair to compare web browsing speed even though they both have 1GHz processor inside. AT&T Inspire has a much larger screen 4.3 inch vs. iPhone’s 3.5 inch. However, iPhone 4 has better resolution thanks to its retina display capable of showing 960×640 pixels. Even with a bigger screen, the Inspire 4G can only display 480 x 800 pixels. The iPhone 4 design is incredible – it’s slim and both sides are made of scratch-free aluminosilicate glass panels. One thing that’s not as good as HTC Inspire is the camera. HTC has 8 megapixels on board while iPhone 4 has only 5 megapixels. It’s not a huge difference if you view pictures on the screen. They both look amazingly clear. When you print the pictures out, the 8 megapixel camera does have an upper hand. So, is HTC Inspire better than iPhone 4? I don’t think so. iPhone 4 is lighter and thinner. And best of all, the iPhones has so many more app than you can find in Android Market.

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2 Responses to “Is HTC Inspire Better Than iPhone 4”

  1. Venukumar says:

    HTC inspire is very good phone. Really it is better than IPhone4. Especialy the video streaming is really good in HTC, where it is not possible with iPhone4. Its difference from H+(4G) and 3G(S). But the batter life is two harrible. Is HTC do something to overcome this problem ?

  2. Antony says:

    I use both phones HTC Inspire 4G and Apple iPhone 4… they all are nice, what Tom put is good, but… both phone have battery problems, I like the HTC because I can use the 4.3″ screen in comfort and the iPhone have the comfort of their apps… but, iPhone 4 have battery problems, the worse part is that you can’t change the battery when it run out of juice… you then have to switch to HTC to continue your meeting with… as with the HTC, it also have battery problems, but the good part is, I have 3 spare batteries, I can always change them when my battery run out of juice… I think HTC is better for people who are Road Warriors, iPhone is for… anyway…

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