Is Verizon to Verizon Texting Free

Since you get mobile to mobile calling free from Verizon Wireless, is Verizon to Verion texting free too? Many of you expect texting from Verzion to Verizon is free, right? Well, it depends on the text messaging plan you have. For the very basic 250 messaging plan, which you are paying $5 each month, will not give you free mobile to mobile texting. The next higher tier – 500 text messages for $10 a month will offer Verizon to Verizon texting free. You might ask, is 500 messages a month enough? For casual texters, or anyone who friends and family are on Verizon Wireless network, this feature add-on is good enough. But for those who want more, you can choose 5000 text messages for $20 a month. Majority of cell phone users won’t go over 5000. And every sent/received with Verizon network will not count toward the 5000 limit. My recommendation – try 500 message plan first and update or downgrade the tiers whenever you feel the need to change.

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