Is Verizon Wireless Better Than AT&T

Verizon always touts itself as America’s most reliable 3G network, so is Verizon Wireless better than AT&T? It depends on who you ask. Since both AT&T and Verizon operate 2 different networks, GSM and CDMA, they don’t offer too many similar phone models. Even if they do, those phones are heavily customized to suits the network’s needs. In general, AT&T has more phones choices than Verizon, especially when it comes to touchscreen phone offers. However, don’t expect great voice quality in metro areas. Dropped calls are very commons even your phones are showing 5 bar signal strength.

As a past Verizon Wireless user, I can tell you that the Verizon’s coverage reach more areas than any other carriers in the United States. However, does it mean you have to be with Verizon to get the coverage you want? You don’t have to. Other carriers can roam via Verizon Wireless when their own towers are not available. However, Verizon’s own customers always get better signals when another AT&T user is roaming via Verizon at the same spot. Another important factor is the voice and data quality. I personally find the call quality exceptional and data connectivity is easier and faster than that of AT&T.

Still don’t think Verizon is better than AT&T? Maybe that’s because iPhone has not landed on Verizon Wireless yet.

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