Is Verizon Wireless Better Than Sprint

We discussed if Verizon better than AT&T before. Now let’s look at this question – is Verizon Wireless better than Sprint? They are both CDMA network however their phones are not compatible. What makes one better than the other comes down to phone offers and network coverage, right? First, Verizon does have more phones than Sprint offers. Not only that. The phones on Verizon are more popular, like the Droid (maybe because of the ongoing commercials.) However, Sprint has some exclusive and very solid phones on its lineup. The Palm Pre was only available through Sprint in the first 6 months after the initial release.

Looking at the network coverage, Verizon Wireless reaches more people than Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, Sprint has better network reliability and speed and it is the only carrier that offers 4G in the nation. In case you haven’t experience, 4G is almost 4 times faster than the current 3G offered by Verizon and Sprint. Is Verizon better than Sprint? Test them out in your area and trust your experience.

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4 Responses to “Is Verizon Wireless Better Than Sprint”

  1. Tom B says:

    Verizon is an easy choice, but Sprint is a better / smarter choice. Data speed (even 3G) is superior. Handset selection is over-rated. You can get what you need from either one

  2. Richard M says:

    Verizon’s customer service stinks. Also, watch what you sign as they will slip in fee based features you may not need.

  3. lance w says:

    Shit verizon is the best service out there sprint jus stragit up sucks I dnt know what u talking about 4g they were suppose to be four g a long time ago ill stick with verizon thank u cuz sprint is junk and verizions four g network will be superialer to all other networks sprint isn’t faster there slow and junky running phones cnt compeate with verizons phone ill stick with my android motor 2 before ill go to sprint

  4. Annebeth says:

    I think Verizon is much better. My friend has sprint, and sent me a text on the bus and said did you get it? I said, get what? She replied the texts? I sent three and my phone said they were sent. I said oh well i didn’t get them. She replied, oh it must be your phone signal. I was like WHAT!!!!!! Are you kidding me Verizon is way better than Sprint!! Sprint is just a piece of junk! She replied, i think Verizon’s stupid that’s why we got Sprint. I bet they just got it because it’s much cheaper cuz it’s a piece of junk. But she thinks she’s so cool with her LG Touch but really it’s a piece of junk!!! I’ve researched it and it says Verizon has better signal, coverage, and the best service. I think every other phone type is a piece of junk! I would suggest Verizon! That is my vote!!!

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