Should I buy iPad or Wait for HP TouchPad?

I love the iPad but HP TouchPad is coming soon. So should I buy iPad now or wait for HP TouchPad to go on sale in a couple of months. It’s no doubt that HP TouchPad is more advanced in every technical aspect when compared to Apple iPad. However, the iPad was released almost a year ago. And by the time the HP TouchPad goes on sale the iPad 2 will come out already. So, it’s difficult to decide whether you should buy iPad or wait for the new HP TouchPad. The iPad itself has pretty much everything that I need – light weight, multitasking, 3G/Wi-Fi, thousands of apps. But I just wish it had more memory and a faster processor.

Personally I don’t think you should wait for the TouchPad. It’s a piece of nice gadget. There aren’t that many apps and games out there that you take advantage of. On the other hand, iPad can use any existing iPhone apps plus thousands more designed specifically for the iPad. Usability? iPad is definitely the winner. But if you will be using the HP TouchPad mostly for web browsing and emails it can be the perfect choice.

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3 Responses to “Should I buy iPad or Wait for HP TouchPad?”

  1. corwin says:

    Some good points about the IPad but I’d like to point out that most objective owners of IPads – myself included – would admit that the number of apps for the IPad and phone are WAY over the top and once you get past the first couple of thousand you’re talking about very niche apps or vapor apps that you get and use once or twice then delete.

    HP is launching with over 6,000 apps available right off the bat. The Touchpad performs true multitasking which the IPad 2 will not do. The Touchpad is completely compatible with virtually every web experience you can have including Flash which the IPad 2 will not (still). And finally the Touchpad is using a duel-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor which is faster than the current IPad and will be at worst equal to the IPad 2’s.

    I’ve decided to go with HP on this one. HP is the single largest PC manufacturer in the world as of Q4 2010 according to Gartner Research – and they are the defacto authority on such things so I feel pretty confident that HP won’t have a problem with meeting the demand such as Apple has every time there’s a launch.

  2. C. Imanon says:

    People make a big deal about how many apps are available for a particular device and I think that is kinda short-sighted. What the device brings to the table as far usability, comfort and design should have a larger imapct on your purchase than app availability. Sure, you’re going to need some apps; but will you access or use all 30K+ apps?…nope.

  3. Kevin says:

    It’s not the amount. It’s the quality. If hp doesn’t have Netflix, hulu, MLB at bat….that’s a big deal for most tablet users.

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