Should I Get Personal Mobile Hotspot

Tired of looking for free Wi-Fi? Even wonder if you should get a personal Mobile Hotspot? If you happened to get Verizon Mobile Hotspot extended, you should already have enough time to find out whether the service will be worth paying for. Although many hotels, restaurant, and cafe offer free Wi-Fi service for the general public, you will still find having a personal Mobile Hotspot much more convenient way to stay connected. You can access work and personal emails and surf the Internet while in a train or a bus. There are few public transportation offer you free Wi-Fi access. And if they do you will be charged a small fortune to have that privilege. You can save much money by purchasing a personal MiFi or add Mobile Hotspot on top of you smartphone data plan. Either way, you can connect up to 8 Wi-Fi devices at the same time for one flat month fee. MiFi hotspot plans are similar to mobile broadband plans (start at $59.99 a month). The only major difference is you will get multiple connections at the same time. It’s a much better value than using those USB wireless modem. What if you already have a 3G or 4G smartphone? That’s even better – you don’t need to carry a phone and a MiFi modem. Since you already pay for the smartphone data plan, the add-on Mobile Hotspot feature will only cost you additional $20 to $30 a month. Perhaps one big advantage is that you can remove or add back this feature as often as you like on a monthly basis. Since there is no long term commitment you should try the personal Mobile Hotspot with a capable smartphone.

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