Should I Upgrade to DROID X2 from DROID X

Call it a super phone if you like. The DROID X2 is indeed one of the most powerful Android smartphones in the market today. Although you will only see come cosmetic updates on the outside, everything inside the phone has been improved greatly. Better quality display that delivers 26% more pixels on the same 4.3 inch size screen. Dual Core 1GHz Processor gives you twice the computing power. Should I upgrade to DROID X2 from the original DROID X? Is it worth the money? The current price on the DROID X2 goes for $200 with a contract while you can have the DROID X for $150? There is only $50 difference. Other enhanced features include a 8 megapixel camera that gets 44% faster shot-to-shot times than DROID X. Oh, in case you didn’t notice, the DROID X2 is not 4G. For those who already own the DROID X, you probably better off upgrading to a 4G LTE handset like LG Revolution on sale for $250.

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