T-Mobile Exhibit 4G is the Cheapest Android Phone

More 4G phones are coming to T-Mobile this summer at a very cheap price. The new Samsung Exhibit 4G costs only $80 after mail-in rebates. While many of you think that T-Mobile 3G is fast enough and you don’t really need to pay to upgrade to a new phone, the Exhibit 4G could possibly be sold at $0 at some online retailers. But don’t let price fool you. Inside TMobile Exhibit 4G you will find 1GHz processor, which is quite popular on some of the more advanced smartphones. The 3.7 inch 480 x 800 pixel screen is pretty much the standard for today’s Android phone – anything smaller than that can’t provide the optimum mobile experience. The only drawback we see the less than impressive 3 megapixel camera. Come on, we know you want keep the cost down. But 3 megapixels is almost the minimum for basic flip phone these days. Expect the cheapest T-Mobile Android phone Samsung Exhibit 4G to hit the shelf later this month.

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