Verizon Offers Double Data for the Holiday

In case you missed this – Verizon Wireless is offering you twice as much data for the same monthly price. Seriously they can pull this one anytime they want but I believe Verizon will at least let run through the holiday shopping season to give you more reason to buy a new phone. The normal data package you get is 2GB for $30 and now that will become 4G that’s a significant upgrade! That means more streaming movies on the go. This really kicks off Black Friday Verizon sale that is supposed to start next week. One catch is that this promo is only valid on 4G LTE phones. So does it mean you should upgrade? Definitely. I just don’t understand why some people are willing to pay the same monthly fee for a 3G phone while the 4G data plan cost the same. One particular phone you should be getting is the new Droid RAZR. It’s absolutely the thinnest 4G smartphone in the market today. Slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 4S. With screen that big and weighing so little you can totally give up you laptop all together. It’s selling for $299.99 and you be able to knock off $50 to $100 with exclusive Verizon Cyber Monday deals available at the end of November.

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