Verizon Will Kill Unlimited Data Plans This Summer

We all know this day will be coming soon after AT&T scraped the unlimited data plan last year. The exact tiers are not yet revealed. We expect similar offers like those from AT&T – $15 and $25, with options to buy more GB if you ever reach the limit. One surprise is that they will offer family data plans. So each additional smartphone doesn’t need to pay the current $30 fee. That’s good news for casual data consumers who still want to check emails and browse the web once a while. Imagine you have 5 smartphones and you would have to pay $150 for data you might not even use that often. The only wish I have is Verizon will let you rollover unused data to the next month in case you would like to stream more YouTube clips. Well, the chance of getting rollover data is pretty slim (they don’t even have rollover minutes like AT&T). If you love Verizon and plan to stay for a long time you can sign up a new plan or renew your current contract to keep the unlimited data plan. Just like AT&T, Verizon will grandfather existing unlimited data so you can have it forever. Or if you don’t mind switching carriers, Sprint still offer unlimited data and their plans save more money than Verizon Wireless.

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  1. Wayne Anderson says:

    I’m currently part of a family subscription plan that includes 4 Droids with unlimited data. Am considering an iPad2 purchase and am undecided whether to get a wifi only or wifi + 3G model. Need to know whether adding a wifi + 3G device to the family plan will involve any additional subscription cost.

    Wayne Anderson

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