Verizon Wireless No Longer Offers One-Year Contract

Verizon Wireless will stop offering one-year contract on April 17th this year. Does it really matter? How many of us are still opting for the 1-year commit to get a mere $50 off the retail price on a new phone while you can get $150 or more discount if you are willing to hold on to the same carrier for the next 24 months. If you don’t care the $50 discount you might as well buy the phone at retail than keep yourself contract-free and switch to another carrier anytime you want. I seriously doubt people will feel any difference one the plan change. Most of us are already used to the 2-year commitment. All we care about are cheap phones and more rebates to make the phone free! There is no difference whether you sign up for 1 or 2 years – you still need Verizon Wireless network for your phone to work. What matters the most is the phone and price. Let’s be more specific. Would you rather pay over $300 for DROID X with one-year contract or $150 with two-year contract?

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One Response to “Verizon Wireless No Longer Offers One-Year Contract”

  1. Jack says:

    I’d rather pay the $150 extra to get the 1 year contract. That $150 only amounts to 2 months worth of additional services, not 12 if I want to cancel early and switch networks.

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