What is the Best No Contract Black Friday Deal

Where can you find no contract Black Friday deals? One carrier that offers the best deals in 2011 is MetroPCS. With coverage all over the metropolitan areas, increasing popularity of Android smartphones, growing number of subscribers, Metro PCS offers some of the best contract-free phones. Metro PCS Black Friday has text messaging phones as cheap as just over $30. Perhaps the best perk is that you are not tied to a long term contract. Don’t feel like using the same phone after a month or two? Change to a new phone. Even the highest-end smartphone like LG Esteem only costs $249, that’s the normal price other carriers charge for signing up a 2-year contract.

What if you really want a super advanced smartphone that’s not available on MetroPCS? iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II 4G are 2 of the most popular holiday items that you should buy this year. The contract-free prices for these phones are over $600. Not really shocking consider the quality and power these gadgets have these days. My personal favorite is iPhone 4S – everything seems so perfect: faster processor, excellent new camera capable of recording 1080p videos, and most importantly it’s got Siri, the new personal assistant that you can bring anytime and anywhere. In fact I use Siri to set up appointment and reminders everyday. It’s just so easy to use. This year’s Sprint Black Friday deals include more advanced smartphones than ever. And they are available on the truly unlimited data plans. Pick both and see which one is better.

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