Which TMobile Phone Will You Pick Regardless Price

If you have choose one phone from T-Mobile today regardless the price point, what would it be? I would certainly pick the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G. First it’s the latest Android phone with the largest and the highest resolution screen. Forget about myTouch 4G or other smartphones, because TMobile Black Friday 2011 will save you more money no matter which phone you buy. Of course the phone great for you not necessarily is good enough for me. Not too long ago I was considering HTC HD7, a Windows 7 phone. After doing some research I found there are not that many apps available. The app market is much smaller than Android Market and Blackberry App World. Price wise it’s not the most expensive smartphone at all. The interface is surprisingly easy to use. However, if you are used to IOS you might find the screen a little overcrowded with all the social networking updates.

Another great TMobile Black Friday deal is the Sidekick 4G Slide. This one is going to be hot among teenagers. The Sidekick 4G has been totally redesigned from ground up and now looks and feels much better than the original Sidekick. For those who don’t know Sidekick – it’s one of the first premium text messaging and versatile smartphone exclusively offered on TMobile’s network. It’s was the most popular texting phone among young people. I personally owned the original Sidekick before switching to Android. My 2 choices are Galaxy S II 4G and the new myTouch Black (much cheaper). Will let you know early next week about my final decision.

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