Will Verizon Get the iPhone in 2010?

It’s a no secret that Verizon wants the iPhone. But will Verizon Wireless get the iPhone it 2010? AT&T is expected to give up its exclusivity with iPhone this year and it makes sense for Apple to have more carriers on board to fend off the Android heat? The only problem is that Verizon uses a CDMA 3G while AT&T uses GSM 3G for their wireless networks. And Verizon won’t roll out the new LTE 4G until 2012 (pretty much the same timeline as AT&T). So, it wouldn’t make sense to make a phone will be limited to Verizon’s network and won’t be able to take advantage of high speed offered by LTE. On the other hand, why would Apple want you to keep the same iPhone for 2 years? In fact, they want you to upgrade your iPhone every year. So, 2010 looks like the right time for Verizon to get the iPhone. Let me know your thoughts.

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  1. [...] Seriously, with the hottest new items like Droid 2 and Droid X, you should just give up the idea Verizon will get the iPhone in 2010. And looking at the way they promote the DROIDDOES (heavy comparison with iPhone) they will be dumb [...]

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